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Reef and Ocean Friendly,
Botanical Sunscreen and Skincare

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Protect your skin + our ocean

NZ made, 100% natural, performance skincare and sunscreen for surfers and adventurers

From nature. For adventurers. Protecting nature.

Sol+Sea is an environmentally conscious performance sunscreen and skincare brand created to protect skin from the extremes of nature, using the ingredients of nature.


Like the natural world, our skin faces a multitude of external pressures that can put it out of balance (think sun, salt, wind and water). Sol+Sea’s mission is to restore that natural balance.


Created by ocean lovers + skincare experts, our NZ made mineral sunscreen and natural skincare products harness marine bio-actives, plant-based ingredients and innovative science to restore the balance in your skin and in the earth’s skin – our environment.

Sol and Sea sunscreen

Marine Bio-Active Protection

We source the ingredients for our skincare and sunscreen products from the land + sea to protect + actively defend skin, including marine bio-actives, plant oils and extracts, and innovative pharmaceuticals. 


Contains zinc oxide for long-lasting, broad-spectrum protection from skin-damaging UV rays. 

Deeply cleanses and moisturises the skin while protecting the skin’s natural microbiome.



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For ocean lovers. From ocean lovers.

Sol+Sea mineral sunscreen and natural skincare is proudly created by New Zealand surfers and adventurers, and developed with skincare experts who know and understand the harsh elements better than anyone. Our mission? To create natural, safe, performance skincare that works in the elements, and helps restore those elements.


Our brand takes natural skincare to new depths. We make a conscious effort to protect, repair and restore the health of our oceans and surrounds, with reef + marine safe ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and production, and environmental initiatives .


We source the finest ingredients from nature, powered by the regenerative properties of marine bio-actives and powerful plant-based ingredients, combined with innovative pharmaceuticals. Which means you can be confident using Sol+Sea products liberally and often, without absorbing harmful toxins.


Sol+Sea sunscreen and skincare is designed for a generation that knows better and cares more about the future in front of them. People who love the outdoors and love adventure, but don’t love polluting their body or their planet. People just like us.

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